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B.E.G. Controls offers a wide selection of momentary contact button wall switches to ft your design style, project specifications, and budget requirements.
Purchasing wall switches from B.E.G. Controls not only gives you the convenience of one-stop shopping, but also ensures compatibility with your sensor or power pack. Custom engraved labeling is an available option on most wall stations.

PADDLE is a value wall switch with a classic look. The PADDLE is compatible with decorative-style wall plates by others for design flexibility. Rated for line voltage or low voltage. Available in 5 colors. Wall plate not included. Custom engraved labeling not available.

SLEEK is a value wall station with simple, good looks that does the job. A snap-on plastic wall plate is included for a screw-less finish. Available in 1-3 buttons and in 3 colors. Custom engraved labeling is available. Not multi-gang compatible.

OTHELLO is an attractive button contact closure wall station compatible with B.E.G. Controls PP series power packs and sensor swith low voltage push button switch inputs. The wall station connects to the power pack or sensor switch inputs for on/off switching and/or raise/lower dimming functionality, depending on the power pack or sensor model features. The button is effortless to actuate with a responsive feel. The OTHELLO button station includes a snap-on plastic wall plate for a screw-less finish, and can be installed in any standard single-gang switch box. It is multi-gang compatible when used with decorative-style wall plates by others. Mounting hardware is included. The OTHELLO button station can be used for any application that requires a low voltage normally-open momentary dry contact closure. Custom laser-engraved labeling is an available option.

When aesthetics and exclusivity are the highest priorities, consider premium designer wall stations by FORBES & LOMAX. Available in high-grade finishes with push button or toggle style buttons. Custom engraved labeling is available. For more product information please visit Available through B.E.G. Controls.


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